Meet Our Clients: Eza Watches

Eza Watches is an independent watch microbrand, started in 1921, and having its origins in a small watchmaking town of Pforzheim (Germany). Today it is owned and managed by a young entrepreneur, Adriaan Trampe (26). He has a big passion for craftmanship and, especially, watchmaking. Born and raised in Rotterdam, he had decided to put his passion to use by starting a watchmaking education near his birthplace, in a small town called Schoonhoven.

“Fun fact: Pforzheim is known as “Goldstadt” which translates as Gold City, and Schoonhoven is known as “Zilverstad” which translates as Silver City.”

While studying, he got a job at a local jewellery store in Rotterdam only to have a chance to be closer to the industry during weekends, next to his studies. While having a side activity, not only did he gain valuable experience, he also realised that watchmaking is his life goal.

“From the start, I was very lucky to step in on the highest level in watch sales. I worked with prestigious brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, and many more. To go there (jewellery store) and meet great people, who were interested in watches and even bought them from time to time, was really a highlight.”

While learning about the business side at the university, developing technical skills at the watchmaking school and gaining experience in sales over the weekends, he got completely hooked by the mechanics of the industry and its products.

“I wanted more and decided to create my own pieces. I tried out a few designs and movements. These unique pieces I still own and very rarely get out of their safe. Then I saw the chance to start my own project, Eza Watches. “

At the beginning, Adriaan was managing his own startup as a side activity. However, upon finishing his Bachelor and the watchmaking school, he decided to come to the beautiful country of Switzerland to be surrounded by the watch connoisseurs and be in the heart of this business. In the coming years, he worked very hard to transform Eza Watches into what we know today. In 2020, Adriaan joined incub&co to further develop his start-up and know more about the market.

“I have so many ideas to work on in the future. I enjoy spending every minute on this project every day of my life as it gives me a lot of positive energy.”

Today, Eza shares the same approach to watchmaking as it has done in the 1900’s by using only mechanical Swiss Made movements and assembling watches in their hometown, Pforzheim. Due to the reduction of the watchmaking industry in Pforzheim, the parts are mainly sourced in Switzerland, where the headquarters is.